September 24, 2006

hostage to fortune 2

When John Reid took control of the All Consuming Monster from Charley the Safety Elephant he said that he would get it under control in 100 days.

The reason that Charley was thrown out was the debacle of the Home Office loosing 1000 foreign prisoners that should have been deported after their release. It has now been 122 days, so now that we hear that the foreign prisoners squad is to be disbanded surely it can mean only one thing, that all of them have been accounted for and any that after judicial review deserve to be deported have been. Well no, not exactly.
At the last count, more than 400 of the prisoners had not been traced. They included 74 violent and sexual offenders, seven of them guilty of murder, manslaughter, rape or sexual offences against children.
However it is no longer in the headlines so no longer a priority. There are much better things to use to stoke up the fear needed to progress the Home Office agenda.


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